growing up i always thought that quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be

-john mulaney, first track on his album “new in town,” which is great

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painting prax, two from photos I took in taiwan and the last one from the wix

evidently the for-real name for that place on the unesco register is just “ancient building complex in the wudang mountains”

thanks for specifying, unesco

you named it 很厉害


A whole motherfuck-ton of specific male anatomy references.

(I am so gay for these pictures, you people have no fucking idea.)

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man i’m steady accidentally reblogging reference stuff to this blog instead of

Radiating good vibes

doing some mastercopy practice, thought it would be fun to add some color to the grayscale Dean Cornwell painting I was doing

I’ve never really been able to get a handle on the whole grisaille-with-color-glazed-over workflow but I dunno, just gotta keep cracking away at it I guess

Today I read 10 Things To Evaluate Your Painting on Muddy Colors

There are actually 11 things in this article but it’s forgivable.

I was working on these evoluchairs months ago, and seeing as they’re still not done, I reckoned it was time to put em up.

"crassicula" means "got a big butt"

“To the lotus of right action, wealth is the night; to the white lotus of sorrow, it is the moonlight; to the lamp of clear insight, it is the wind; to the wave of enmity, it is the flood; to the cloud of confusion, it is the favorable wind; to the poison of despondency, it is the aggravating agent. It is like the serpent of evil thoughts, and it adds fear to one’s distress. It is destructive snowfall to the creeper of dispassion; it is the nightfall to the isle of evil desires; it is the eclipse of the moon of wisdom. In its presence, a person’s good nature shrivels; indeed, wealth seeks him who has already been chosen by death.”
Yoga Vasistha